Amelia Curran – The Dozens chords

The Dozens – Amelia Curran

This is a pretty simple version of the general outline of the chord progression.  
There's not a ton of guitar in the mix of the album recording so I use "5" chords 
(AKA power chords) to approximate the bassline.  When it says "descending bass" 
you play the notes B - A - G - F# - E on the 5th and 6th strings.  Hope you like it!

E5 All my lovers think I’m lovely in the morning when I wake
B5 E5When I roll in folds of slumber, when I caress I give and take
A5 E5All my enemies are just like me: they’re a fatalist mistake
B5 (descending bass) E5An abandoning of deities, the slowest interstate.
AmLet the bakers have their dozens
FLet the coppers get their man
B7Let “Doctor-Lawyer” fix her for you
ECatch her if they can
AmWhen all the stars in heaven
FCannot count on me alone
B5For I’m the lover’s enemy
(descending bass) E5 And I can’t be counted on All my lovers under cover of night wrestle with their wounds They’re pawing sorus(??) piety, they’re kissing pleasure’s gloom All my enemies are ready for a drink or two to spite They’re praying for forgiveness and they’re ready for a fight (chorus) All my lovers love me tirelessly, they listen and they see They work the web of time itself to fall and capture me All my enemies they envy every move I’ve ever made The tireless love I’ve gathered even the rain on my parade (chorus)
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