American Football – Never Meant chords

Intro: C-- x4F--G--Am--G-- x4
Verse 1:
F G Am GLets just forget
F G Am GEverything we said
F G Am GEverything we did
F GBest friends
Am Gand better halves
Chorus 1:
F FGoodbyes And the
autumn night
Fwhen we realized
F We were falling
Am G Am G Am Gout of love
(the words that) (there was something) Verse 2:
FBut we never
C F Am Fdid Not
Am C Fto be
G F C F Am Fdramatic
I just think its
Am C F Ambest Because
Fyou cant miss
Am G F C F Amwhat you forget
Chorus 2:
C DmSo lets just
F C/E Ampretend
C Dm FEvery-thing
C/E Am C Dm F C/Eand Anything
Am C Dm F C/E Am G between you and me
F G Am G F G Am G F G Am G F G AmWas never meant
G F G Am G F G Am G (Repeat until fade out)Was Never Meant
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