American Hi Fi – Maybe Wont Do tab

Artist: American Hi-Fi
Song: "Maybe Won't Do"
Album: "Hearts on Parade" (02.2005)
Tuning: Standard

Their new album comes out February 2005, if I'm remembering right. If you like
this, support American Hi-Fi and their new release!

Intro/Verse Part One

(Find the rhythm and keep it. You'll need it throughout the whole verse.)

E|-8--8--8/10/11/10/8-|B|-8--8--8/10/11/10/8-|G|--------------------|D|--------------------|A|--------------------|E|--------------------| (repeat as needed)
Intro/Verse Part Two (After repeating this, there is a brief break in the verse. This is how you play it. After playing this once, go back to the first part.)
Pre-Chorus (Use same riff as the Inro/Verse Part Two, but do it twice this time.) Chorus (Sounds alot like acoustic in the background, you can use either electric or acoustic. Just use the powerchord versions of the following chords if you play it on electric.) Dm, G7, C, G (repeat once) I'll look over this later. I just have to hurry up and post this for now. Email me if you got questions and so forth: - Matt
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