American Young – Love Is War chords ver. 2

Love is War
by: American Young

The original is done on Capo 6, not liking to play with the capo that far down and 
the B being a difficult chord, this is an alternative.

Capo 3

One stroke each for G D C x3

Verse 1
G DYoung lovers in a picture frame
C GEver notice how there ain't no rain
G D CNobody hangs hard times on the wall
G DYou won't see it in an 8 by 10
C GBut there's a storm every now and then
G D CA slamming door down the hall
C GSometimes love is a white flag
C GSometimes love is standing tall
C GSometimes love is a feather
C D Sometimes a cannon ball
C But it's worth fighting for (it's worth fighting for)
D Baby, sometimes love is war
Bridge G D C x4 Verse 2
G DAn old couple on a front porch swing
C GOn a walk down memory lane
G D CBeen through the fire and back again
G DThrough the clear and the cloudy skies
C GStill love in each other's eyes
G D CSometimes love is war but sometimes you win
Chorus Bridge
Em GSometimes love is all that can save us
C GSometimes love can kill a man
Em GSometimes love is a soft touch
C D Or a pistol in your hand
Chorus End with:
DBaby, sometimes love is ....
DBaby, sometimes love is war
G D C x 3
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