Among The Thirsty - Id Need A Savior chords

I play this in open capo.
Here's the COVER:

Verse 1:
G D/F#How many names Can I use to explain
Em CThe love of my Jesus The life that He gave
G D/F#And so many times Will I praise You today
Em CI lift up my life Cause You’re always the same
Am Bm C Am Bm CAnd my off-er-ing, To you I bring
G BmYour name is Jesus Your name is Jesus
C G/B Am Am7 DYou’re the wonderful, counselor, my friend
G BmYou’re what I hold on to, I know that You brought me through
C G/B Am Am7 DAll the days of loss and to the cross, You knew
G C That I’d need a Savior
Verse 2:
G D/F#How many songs, Can I sing to proclaim
Em CYour wondrous love, Oh and beauty so great
G D/F#Oh and, What would I say, If You brought down the rain
Em C And everyday, I walked through the pain
Am Bm CMy heart would still say…
Am Am7 D That I’d need a Savior
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