Amorphis – The Smoke chords

Yo. I tabbed this to play acoustic with standard tuning. Nothing special really, but 
kinda cool when you sing and fingerpick it. If u cant figure the rythm, listen the song.

Intro (and verse)

Dm C Dm
A# C

Dm C DmIn my dream smoke followed me
A# C (Dm)As on fire the whole world had been
Dm C DmTo the yard I walked in
A# C (Dm)Up the frontstep and opened the door
Cm G# D#Cranes flew over to the North
G# Cm A# CmAs I walked on dry
G# D#And passed through a grove
G# Cm A# (around here to intro) Yellow with flowers They had been expecting me They said so and I believed Im my dream smoke came to me And we became as one I am smoke
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