Amos Lee - Ease Back chords

Capo on 1.  The G isn't perfect but it's close enough.  If you can figure out 
exactly what it is let me know.  Playing it as a cheater F slid up to 3 helped it to my ear.

Intro: G D Dm A (X2)(there is a small half measure of A tacked on at the very beginning)
BmIt's good to see you coming back again
DIt's been a long time
ASince I sat with you, my friend
AI'll lend an ear
BmIt's not that so severe
DTime has killed the pain
AAnd dried up every tear
AAnd now
BmI'm thinking bout what went, down
DAll the heartache
I laughed away
AJust like a clown
GAnd now
D Sit around talking
DmDrink some wine
AI'm really glad you stopped in
GSpend some time
DYou sit around talking
DmThinking bout the past
AIt's funny how it lingers
ABut nothings meant to last
AAnd my Ma
BmShe'd like to say hello
DBut shes a little scared
AThat I can't let it go
ASo let on, ease back, brother
BmAnd let it slip away
DI'm tired of hanging onto
AThe pains of yesterday
AOnce again
BmThe money is so thick
DIt makes your heart go numb
AIt makes your mind get sick
G So come on by
DStay and talk about it
DmDrink some wine
A GI'm really glad you stopped in, brother of mine
DWe'll sit around talking
DmDrink some wine
AAnd maybe by the morning everything is fine
BmEverything is fine
DEase back, brother
ALet this clear your mind
GCome on by
DAnd drink yourself a good time
DmHave some wine
AAnd think about each other
GSister and I are fine
DYes, I've been alright now
DmTake it lightly
AStep on out the front door
A*I'll see you in some time
A* Throw in some sus.. maybe even slide up to a barred A... whatever you want to finish it.
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