Amos Lee - Learned A Lot chords version 1

Amos Lee-Learned a lot

Standard tunning, capo 5th fret

G AmHey baby! It's all gravy
C D GWe all do what we got to do
G Am Hey darling! Iím broken hearted
C D G Iíve been crying but my crying is through
GAnd I learned a lot
AmI've really learned a lot
C D GBroken down on my bedroom/bathroom floor
GYes I've learned a lot
AmI've Really learned a lot
C D GI hope you find what you were looking for
Repeat same chords the other verses and chorous Bridge
Am GOh and darling! The sun has been falliní
F G Like the dust on some Midwestern plane
Am G Oh and darling! Instead of running
FI think it might be time
you sit down
Dand deal with the pain
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