Amos Lee - Behind Me Now chords

"Amos Lee - Behind Me Now"

Tabbed by: Timpe Tuyt
Tuning: EADGBe
Capo: 1st fret



C Fmaj7 CAll my best days are behind me now
C Fmaj7 CPhotographs tell of my wedding vows.
G F CAnd if you want heroes then I'd sail up to the stars
G F CFor all I got beneath my skin are tears and scars.
I walked in these shoes ten thousand miles, Been through all sorts of bleating trials, So if you want heroes then I'll tell you where to go I'll sell you a map to thank the faces that you know Oh but for now I'll just be at this all night show Oh yes tonight I'll spend my lonely dollar slow. Yes I've loved and lost again Happy ever afters never been And if you want love than I suggest that you not wait Cause I will know not what I've waited at heaven's gate All my best days are behind me now Still I find a way to live somehow. To make it a little more interesting to play, add these hammer-ons:
Fmaj7 Ce|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--1----1----1-----1-------------------------------------------------------|G|--0h2--2----0-----0-------------------------------------------------------|D|--3----3----0h2---2-------------------------------------------------------|A|------------3-----3-------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Easy as that! Enjoy! Timpe
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