Amos Lee – Shout Out Loud tab

This is how i think the chords should be..

| D G | D/F# G |

| C | G | C | G | Edim | G | A | A |

D G , D/F# G 2x

D                G 
A thousand empty windows
D/F#                G
and only half the lights are out
D                   G 
I wonder what these peoples lives
D/F#                G
what they might be all about

Do they got a lover? Could they have a family ?
Could they be just as lonesome
as you and me ?

I wanna shout out,
Shout out loud
Why don't you all
Just come on out
We can, Tear it all down, yeah

White lights burn'in,
Down an empty avenue
I wonder if their driver
found someone he can go on home to.


C                         G
Cause everybodys got a part in the game,
C                       G
and everybodys got a cross they can claim,
Edim                        G
and everybodys gots somebody to blame
but we all must find our own way (yeah, yeah)

(Repeat Chorus until end)
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