Amusement Parks On Fire - Venosa chords

by Amusement Parks on Fire
Tabbed by Dan Weissman

This is the basic breakdown of the chords.


   E  Emaj7  *  Aadd9

*Not quite sure what this chord is, I've looked it up and gotten Emaj7, but it's slightly different from the Emaj7 chord that comes before it. First part of verse: E Emaj7 Gbm11 Aadd9
Second Part (0:35): Gbm11 Emaj7(?) Aadd9
I think it pretty much just kinda repeats from there. Let me know if there are any parts I missed. This is only my second tab so comments and suggestions are welcome! Also I'm not 100% sure that playing the B and e strings open for all the chords is right - it sounds like there's something extra going on in the song and I figured that it fit in, but playing the power chord versions (just the 6th, 5th and 4th strings) with enough distortion and overdrive should sound good too. If you're having trouble playing the Gbm11 and Emaj7(version 2) chords, I recommend using your thumb on the 6th string, otherwise you can omit that string and just play the last five strings.
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