Amy Grant – Cry A River tab

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Date: Sat, 06 Dec 1997 19:26:15 +0100
From: Rok Osojnik 
Subject: CRD: Cry a river by Amy Grant

Amy Grant: Cry A River

Written by Amy Grant & Wayne Kirkpatrick
Album: Behind The Eyes
Transcribed by Rok Osojnik

This is the saddest, but in my opinion the most beautiful song on the album.

All chords are named as if the capo was the nut.
Sign ! means strum upwards.

Chords used: G C C* C2 Cadd9 D Dsus2 Dsus4 Eme--3--0--3--0-----3-----2----0------3----0----------------------------|b--3--1--1--3-----3-----3----3------3----0----------------------------|g--0--0--0--0-----0-----2----2------2----0----------------------------|d--0--2--2--2-----2-----0----0------0----2----------------------------|a--2--3--3--3-----3-----X----X------X----2----------------------------|e--3--X--X--X-----X-----X----X------X----0----------------------------|
Intro: G D Dsus4 G Cadd9 G D Dsus4 G Cadd9 Verse: G D Dsus4 C C* Cadd9 Who knew love would come walkin' through my door C C D G Turn the light on somewhere down inside G D Dsus4 C C* Cadd9 Give me a feeling I'd never had before C It was a long wait C D G it was just the wrong time Bridge: !Em C But I hope you'll hold me now Em C2 somewhere within !Em C And when you think about C C D what might have been Chorus: G Cadd9 Cry a river G Cadd9 Flood the sea G D C2 G Cry a river over me G Cadd9 Take the bitter G Cadd9 With the sweet G D C2 G And cry a river over me (Repeat intro) Verse: G D Dsus4 C C* Cadd9 And how do you argue with a feeling in your bones C C D G 'bout what is and what isn't meant to be G D Some things you live with C C* Cadd9 And you never let it show C Like the pain I felt C D G The day I watched you leave Bridge: !Em C But I hope you'll think of me Em C2 When tender winds blow !Em C Sit on the shores of love C C D And just let it go (Repeat Chorus) Solo (accordion, arranged for guitar):
Solo can also be played like this:
(Repeat Chorus) (Repeat Chorus)
Outro: G D G Cadd9 G D Cadd9e-3--------3--|b-3--------3--|g-0-----0--0--|d-2--2-----2--|a-3-----------|e-X-----------|
That's it! I have also transcribed the leading bass riff. It's played with no capo. Here it is:
g----------------------------|---------|----------------------------|d----------------------------|---------|----------------------------|a-0(let ring)--2h0h2h4h2h0---|-----0h2-|-0(let ring)--2h0h2h4h2h0---|e--------------------------2-|-0h2-----|------------------------- 2-|
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