Amy Grant – Cry A River tab

G		D		Dsus4
G		Cadd9
G		D		Dsus4
G		Cadd9

G           D   Dsus4              C         C*       Cadd9
  Who knew love        would come walkin' through my door
            C        C         D   G
  Turn the light on somewhere down   inside

G            D      Dsus4  C         C*    Cadd9
  Give me a feeling       I'd never had before
  It was a long wait
         C      D           G
  it was   just   the wrong   time

!Em                   C
    But I hope you'll   hold me now
Em             C2
    somewhere within
!Em                C
    And when you think about
C                    C   D
    what might have been

G     Cadd9
  Cry        a river
G       Cadd9
  Flood        the sea
G        D    C2   G
  Cry a river over   me
G      Cadd9
  Take       the bitter
G      Cadd9
  With       the sweet
G            D    C2   G
  And cry a river over   me

(Repeat intro)

G                D     Dsus4         C  C*           Cadd9
  And how do you argue       with a feeling in your bones
             C        C         D    G
  'bout what is and what isn't meant   to be
G                  D
  Some things you live with
C               C*          Cadd9
  And you never    let it show
  Like the pain I felt
       C     D          G
  The day I watched you   leave

!Em                   C
    But I hope you'll   think of me
Em               C2
    When tender winds blow
!Em              C
    Sit on the shores of love
C                    C   D
    And just let it go

(Repeat Chorus)

Solo (accordion, arranged for guitar):

Solo can also be played like this:
(Repeat Chorus) (Repeat Chorus)
Outro: G D G Cadd9 G D Cadd9e-3--------3--|b-3--------3--|g-0-----0--0--|d-2--2-----2--|a-3-----------|e-X-----------|
That's it! I have also transcribed the leading bass riff. It's played with no capo. Here it is:
g----------------------------|---------|----------------------------|d----------------------------|---------|----------------------------|a-0(let ring)--2h0h2h4h2h0---|-----0h2-|-0(let ring)--2h0h2h4h2h0---|e--------------------------2-|-0h2-----|------------------------- 2-|
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