Lead Me On tab with lyrics by Amy Grant - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Amy Grant – Lead Me On tab

Lead Me On - Amy Grant


G/B  C  C/E  F  Am  G X3
G/B  C  C/E  Bb F

Dm G/B C7

Verse 1:
Eb       F      C7
Shoulder to the wheel,
    Eb              F       C7
For someone else's selfish gain.
Eb                F        Em/G Em Em/G Am
Here there is no choosing, working the clay.
Dm/A Am G        F
Wearing their anger
Dm     G/B      C7
Like a ball and chain.

Eb    F      C7
Fire in the field,
Eb              F       C7
Underneath the blazing sun.
    Eb                F     Em/G Em Em/G Am
But soon the sun was faded, freedom was a song.
Dm/A Am G        F
I heard them singing
Dm     G/B      C7
When the day was done.
Dm    G/B    C7
To the holy one...

C/E  F  G

     G/B C  C/E  F  
Lead me on, lead me on
Am                   G          G/B
To a place where the river runs,
C  C/E   F       Am
Into your keeping, oh
     G/B C  C/E  F  
Lead me on, lead me on
Am              G          G/B
The awaited deliverance,
C  C/E   Bb9        F
Comforts the seeking
Lead on.

Dm  G/B  C7

Verse 2:
Waiting for the train,
Labeled with a golden star
Heavy hearted boarding, whispers in the dark
Where are we going?
Is it very far?

Bitter cold terrain,
Echoes of a slamming door.
Chambers made for sleeping, forever.
Voices like thunder,
In a mighty war.
Cry out to the Lord...


Em        F
Man hurts man
G    F   Em         F     G
Time and time, time again.
       Am                       Bb
And we drown in the wake of our power
Bb/Ab            G/B...
Somebody tell me why
G/B  C  C/E  F  Am  G X3
G/B  C  C/E  Bb F C/E F G

Chorus 2x
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