Amy Kuney – Love Is Trippy chords

I couldnt find this of this are wrong I know, but the way I sing 
it works and it does, in a weird sort of way, work for the real song...if anyone 
has any suggestions as to what might work better I really want to know because I 
love this song! ERnjoy :)

Verse 1
Da third party at a table for two
Emsorry i dont mean to intrude
C Gbut it was you and me before you met her
Dall the love songs you wrote for me
Em (You) stuck her name where mine used to be
C Gbut my name in them fits the rhythm better
Pre chorus 1
EmI'd go if you had a ride
CI'd smoke if you had a light
G DAnd I fall every time for this
EmAnd love is trippy like that
C Gsometimes you think that you've got it
D nobody's gonna trip you
Coutta this one baby
EmBut love will slip through your hands
C Gyou never know how to hold it
Dcontrol it, if you're gripping
G Em D Cand it's tripping you up
Verse 2 (same as the first) Says the woman who sings at the bar this is for youy, you know who you are i was you once, looking for someone I never found... she paints in a low smokey voice pictures of bruises, bad days and boys and how they stood her up just to let her down Pre chorus 2 (same) she'd win if you were the prize (she) gives into all of your lies she falls every time for this... Chorus (Bridge fits here but I don't play this so...) Pre chorus 1 chorus end on a g if anyone has any sugggestions I would really love to hear them...also have fun.
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