Amy Macdonald – Mr Brightside chords

D Dsus4
D Dsus4

DI'm coming out of my cage
Dsus4And I've been doing just fine
DGotta gotta be down
Dsus4Because I want it all
DIt started out with a kiss
Dsus4How did it end up like this
D Dsus4It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss
DNow I'm falling asleep
Dsus4And she's calling a cab
DWhile he's having a smoke
Dsus4And she's taking a drag
DNow they're going to bed
Dsus4And my stomach is sick
DAnd it's all in my head
Dsus4 BmBut she's touching his-chest
Bm ANow, he takes off her dress
A D Dsus4 D Dsus4Now, letting me go
Bm AAnd I just can't look its killing me
D Dm D Dm And taking control
D Dsus4 BmJealousy, turning saints into the sea
A DSwimming through sick lullabies
Dsus4 BmChoking on your alibis
A DBut it's just the price I pay
Dsus4 Bm Destiny is calling me
A D Dsus4 Open up my eager eyes
Bm A'Cause I'm Mr Brightside
_______________________________ > and a couple of words from me :D < I hope you enjoy it and it's good enough for you all. I was easy to find a good chords and it was really fun... Agata [dziuka]
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