Amy Millan - Pour Me Up Another tab

Artist: Amy Millan
Song: Pour Me Up Another
Album: Honey From The Tombs (2006)

picking pattern throughout the song: C Fe|---0-0----0-0-----1-1----1-1--|B|---1-1----1-1-----1-1----1-1--|G|---0-0----0-0-----2-2----2-2--|D|--------2---------------------| etc.A|-3---------------------3------|E|----------------1-------------|
except for the chord change C to E: C Ee|---0-0----0-0-----0-0-----0-0----0-0----0-0-|B|---1-1----1-1-----1-1-----0-0----0-0----0-0-|G|---0-0----0-0-----0-0-----0-0----1-1----1-1-|D|--------2-----------------------------------| etc.A|-3-------------3--------2-------------2-----|E|-------------------------------0------------|
this picking pattern is a suggestion. you do not have to stick to it entirely. the only necessary basic pattern is the alternate picking of two bass strings and the of the higher chord strings. C F C Blablabla and everyone be quiet E F C The machine has come between me and my love E F C It's hopeful but doubtful for tomorrow E F Am so pour me up another before bed C F C Lady love has only seen me crying E F C and the nights have forgotten who I am E F C but singing is always easy when you're drinking E F Am so pour me up another before bed (instrumental) C F C E F C E F C E F Am C F C If you would take and embrace me in your arms E F C I would stay and dedicate my heart E F C watch you go when the day breaks E F Am so pour me up another before bed E F Am pour me up another before bed Sorry for inaccurate lyrics, Mapurite. For suggestions, corrections etc. mail me: (english, german, spanish)
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