Amy Millan - Skinny Boy tab

Artist: Amy Millan
Song: Skinny Boy
Album: Honey from the Tombs

F C Bb (2x)
F Bb F

F C Bb

Skinny boy, all bones, no lies
Your so miserable in the mornings
Will You will wait up for me?
It's sordid and I can't find my feet

and you’ve got lips I could spend a day with

F C Bb

Skinny boy, some where, some prostitution
some devour, some doubt, some dance
They're coming with swords through the backdoor
and there you are on the fence

with those lips I could spend a day with.

F C Bb

When it's done I'll drink champagne to the lonely, lonely in me [only me?]
Monday, Tuesday - so lonely [it's only me?]
Wednesday, Thursday - only me
Friday, Saturday - only me
Here comes Sunday
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