Amy Studt - Under The Thumb tab

E              A   f#m
You twisted a nerve, you
put your hand on your heart and
E                  A
you said hey dont worry
f#m              B  
your fit women, that's all that counts and,

   A                     C#M
I ignored all the usual signs
B                        E 
not really knowing quite why
      A    F#m      B  
i let you decide, yeh eh

C#M, A, E, B
aint it funny how
i'm finding out now
it makes me laugh
how i let you have your way and your say
               F#m                 B
i've got it now so i'm asking you babe

C#m                        A
Did i ever even cross your mind 
           E                     B
cause it's not a game of who is under 
the thumb
  C#m                     A                E
i think you took me for a ride (ride, ride)
but i didn't see

(The same chords)
I, didn't even realise
boy that we were playing games of
under the thumb, I
think you took me for a ride ride ride
what a waste of me.

oh oh oh

So enjoy the song!
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