Amy Winehouse – You Know Im No Good tab

Left handed

This is a tab for the cover of Amy Winehouses 'You know im no good' 
by the Arctic Monkeys.
If you havent heard it then go search on Youtube its a great song!

There are actaully 2 guitars in this which you can play.
guitar1: strum the chords normally
guitar2: strum the same chords upwards once and slowly
(try messing with distortion on guitar2 see what you think)

Cm                         Fm
 Meet you downstairs in the bar and heard
     G7                         Cm
your rolled up sleeves in your skull t-shirt.
        Cm                Fm
Said what did you do with him today?
    G7                      Cm
And sniff me out like I was Tanquera


 'Cos you're my fella, my guy.
 Hand me your Stella and fly.
 By the time, I'm out the door,
    D7                G
You tear me down like Roger Moore.


Cm                 Gm         D7          Gm
 I cheated myself,     like I knew I would.
  Cm             Gm
I told ya, I was trouble.
    D7                Gm
You know that, I'm no good.

After chorus this riff leads into next verseE|--------------------|B|--------------------|G|--------------------|D|--------------------|A|-----------5-6------|E|-3-5-6-5-3----------|
Verse 2: Cm Fm Upstairs in bed with my ex boy. G7 Cm He's in the place, but I can’t get joy. Cm Fm Thinking of you in the final throws, G7 Cm This is when my buzzer goes. Bridge 2: Fm Run out to me, your chips and pitta. D7 You say when we’re married 'Cos you're not bitter. Cm There'll be none of him no more. D7 I cried for you on the kitchen floor. CHORUS (Same lyrics)
interlude:(this riff can also be used in the later choruses)E|------------------|------------------|B|------------------|------------------|G|-------5--6-5-----|-------7-5h6------|D|-5-8-5--------8-5-|-5-8-5-------8-5--|A|------------------|------------------|E|------------------|------------------|
Verse 3: Cm Fm Sweet reunion, Ja-maica and Spain. G7 Cm We're like how we were again. Cm Fm I'm in the tub, You’re on the seat. G7 Cm Lick your lips as I soak my feet. Bridge 3: Fm Then you notice lickle carpet burn. D7 My stomach drops and my guts churn. Cm You shrug and it's the worst, D7 to truly stick the knife in first. CHORUS (x2) OUTRO: Cm, Gm, D7, Cm
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