Amy Winehouse – I Heard Love Is Blind tab

I think this is pretty much spot on, it's taken me ages to get some of these chords so
don't destroy me too much! I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I do. I've tried to put
chord names above but I have no idea what some of these are called, if you can then 
improve this tab, let me know at
Also there is some light strumming of these chords which is pretty easy to pick out from 


    Dmaj7    C#Maj7-CMaj7-C#Maj7-Dmaj7-F#m7b5?-B7Aug?-Em7-Em7b5?-Dmaj7

e --------5--5----------------------5------------------9-----6---5---|b --------7--7---6---5---5---6---7--7---10---8--8----8-8---8-8---7---|g -----6--6--6---5---4---4---5---6--6---9----8--8----7-7---7-7---6---|d -----7--7--7---6---5---5---6---7--7---10---7--7----9-9---8-8---7---|a --5-----5--5---4---3---3---4---5------9----10-10---7-7---7-----5---|E -------------------------------------------7--7--------------------|
Play this chord progression a couple of times, on the second time add: A7sus4?-A7
e --3--3---0--0-|b --3--3---2--2-|g --2--2---0--0-|d --2--2---2--2-|a --0--0---0--0-|E --------------|
Chorus: Play twice (I think the chords with (?) are 9ths, my theory isn't that good so feel free to correct me) F#m7 B(?) E(?) Dmaj7 (without the root note)
e --2--2---2--2---7--7---5--5-|b --2--2---2--2---7--7---7--7-|g --2--2---2--2---7--7---6--6-|d --2--2---1--1---6--6---7--7-|a --4--4---2--2---7--7--------|E --2--2----------------------|
Play the verse progression one more time, then it slightly changes, you miss out the instead it looks like: Dmaj7 F#m7b5?-B7Aug?-Em7-Em7b5?
e ------5---------------------7-----6---|b ------7--7---10---8--8----8-8---8-8---|g ------6--6---9----8--8----7-7---7-7---|d ------7--7---10---7--7----9-9---8-8---|a ------5------9----10-10---7-7---7-----|E ------------------7--7----------------|
On the second time when you get to the Em7, it goes to the end phrase which is based a G and an A: G G(?) A(?)
e --3--3---5--5-------5----| - let ringb --3--5---7--7------7-----|g --4--4---6--6-----6------|d --5--5---7--7----7-------|a ---------0--0---5--------|E -------------------------|
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