Best Friends tab with lyrics by Amy Winehouse - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Amy Winehouse – Best Friends tab

Just heard this one; think it's the first single off the new album (not too sure of that though)

Guitar 1 (the 'lead' guitar):

Guitar 2: (This is the back up guitar; if you're playing with just two guitars, plucking nice but you could strum; whatever floats your boat...they usually have a lot of synths goin, but doesn't sound bad when played with guitars only)
A# Dm Cmaj A# Dm Cmaje|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------6-------8-----------------------6-------------------|G|--------------7---7-------9----------------7------7-7-7------9---------|D|-------------8---7------10----------------8-8-8--7---7-----10--10------|A|------------8---5--5--10---10------------8---8--5--------10------10~---|E|-----------6----------------------------6---------------8--------------|
The verses follow the same chord structure as above, i.e. A#-Dm-Cmaj For e.g. A# Dm Cmaj I remember your lips, what it said, how it kissed me, A# Dm Cmaj And how it whispered in, not like anyone else The chorus goes, A#-Dm-A#-Dm-A#-Cmaj E.g. A# Dm A# Dm A# Cmaj A# Cmaj We were best friends, more than best friends, lets do it all again And then go back to the beginning... That's it =)
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