An Albatross - I Am The Lazer Viking tab

I Am The Lazer Viking - An Albatross

Wow. There went 5 minutes.

h--hammer on
p--pull off
t--tremolo pick

|-------------------------------------------------||------------1-1-1t-3p1-4-4t-3p1------------------||-------0h1h2-------------------2-----------------| 4x|--0h1h2-------------------------2p1p0------------||-0-----------------------------------3p2p0-3p2p0-||-------------------------------------------------|
|-5-||-3-||-2-||---| |---||---|played however many times along with effects on guitar along with keyboard
I AM THE LAZER VIKING!!!! ::Lyrics:: Baby, this rock and roll, Baby, will save your soul. I AM THE LAZER VIKING.
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