Ana Free - Nothing To Fear tab

Tuning:Capo Fret II


            D m                                                                   C              G

e|----------1-------------------------1---------1-----------------0---------3---|B|------3-----3-----------3-------3-----3----------------------------1----0-----|G|----------------------2-------2---------------------------0--------------0----| D|--0-----------------------------------------------------------------------0---|A|-------------------------------------------------------3-----------------2----|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------3---|
Dm C G Whats your definition of the world? You make or break your life it aint my choice believe me. We work it out and play the cards just like its supposed to be . You beat yourself and no one else baby believe me. {Chorus} Fm Fm C G Aint no time to be giving up when you got nothing to fear. Fm Fm C C Please dont give me reasons why your here. Fm Fm C G it aint no choice cause you dont have to try to justify your love Fm Fm C if you stay with me then that should be enough F m Fm C G Am. And ive got nothing but energy to lose and I choose Whats your estamation of the price? you make or break your time it aint my choice believe me. We calculate and play the game just like it supposed to be . So carry on to what you want baby believe me. {Chorus} Fm C G Am x2 I chooose, Heyyyyyyyyy, uh oh oh, {Chorus} Fm C G Am x2 Ive got nothing but energy i choose i choose i choose
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