Ana Free - I Listen tab

I Listen
Ana Free

Tuning- Standard
Capo Fret 1

(I have no idea what chord the last one in the intro is, so here is how you form it.

e--X-- |------|-----|------|-----|B--X---|------|-----|------|-----|G------|------|-----|------|-----|D------|--X---|-----|------|-----|A------|------|--X--|------|-----|E------|------|-----|------|-----|
This will be called note X. Whenever you see X, play this. Iím sorry. Iím really bad at guitar, but this is an awesome song, so I tried.)
Intro- G D Em G D Em X -x2 G D Em Thereís gotta be a way around everything G D Em X I gotta know so you have to start walking away G D Em Itís not physical or criminal, its not political anyway G D Stop getting confused now X Or making your rules now G D X Weíve given you voices and given you choices D And they say D G Why? Why do our children cry? X Why do our children cry? D Yeah G D Em And everybody does what it takes to ease the pain. G D Weíre better off alone and we know it Em X But its a difficult thing to do G D Cheat or chose or win or lose Em X Everybodyís in on it anyway G D X Hell, why do we care when thereís chemical warfare? G D X D Itís ironic to say when weíre stuck in the system anyway D G Why? Why do the people pray? X Why do the people pray? D Ooh G Am Am Dm And everybodyís fighting E And everybody knows Am We cannot change it but weíre close X G X Am And I hear them calling me X E D Do you know Iím trying to free you, find you, reach you Am X G There never gonna listen Oh no Am X G Whoís it youíre missing? Oh No Am X G Tell me whereís your prison. I know x2 Am X G I know because I listen. I know x3 Am X G Am I hear them cause I listen and now I know.
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