Anais Mitchell - Namesake tab

by Anais Mitchell

capo 3

     Em7      G/F#        Cadd9
I've worn out all of your records
      Em7 G/F#        Cadd9
I've torn out page after page
        Em7          G/F#     Cadd9
I have lain with the shadows you threw
when you danced with the bright colored
 G/F#         Cadd9
lights of the stage
Em7      G/F#       Cadd9
hey and aren't you grateful?
Em7     G/F#         Cadd9
say and ain't you got fun?
Em7     G/F#         Cadd9
being so good at what you do
Em7     G/F#         Cadd9
doing it right in front of everyone

riff      G/F#  Cadd9/G
everybody knows you
Em7 G/F#        Cadd9/G
I want to know you!

(same as 1st verse and chorus)
how you roll like the rolling waters
you rise like the bright morning stars
you go fast like the freight train going so fast
and I don't even know who you are
but I would not disappoint you
if you let me kiss your mouth
if you let me get to the bottom of you
if you let me find you out

everybody knows you
nobody knows you!
everybody knows you
I want to know you!

     Em7      G/F#        Cadd9
o, but I, in the name of my namesake
     Em7      G/F#        Cadd9
am a beautiful fly on the wall of
     Em7      G/F#    Cadd9
your four-chambered heart-break
     Em7      G/F#          Cadd9
a spy in the house of your love 

chords voicings: Em7 G/F# Cadd9 Cmaj7 C Cadd9/G
		  x    x     x     x   3   x	 
		  3    3     3     0   x   3
                  0    0     0     0   0   0
	          0    0     2     2   2   2
	          2    x     3     3   3   3
	          0    2     x     x   x   3

riff: --------- --------- --------- -------0- ---0-2--- -3-------
Notes: when playing the Cadd9, you can alternate between it and Cmaj7 and C. Listen to the CD for the general strumming/fingerpicking pattern pattern.
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