Anais Mitchell – A Hymn For The Exiled tab

		 A Hymn For The Exiled – Anais Mitchell
Tabbed by: Sam Bevet

Tuning: Standard

After the first little walk up, the song is pretty much just alternating bass note to 
mixed with some strumming

e|-------------|B|-----0----1--|G|-2-----------|D|-------------|A|-------------|E|-------------| Dm
One two three four five six seven Am Dm the word came down to him from heaven Am Bb Am7 and naked as an animal, he knew: Am Dm everything of flesh and bone Am Dm he could call it all his own Am Bb Am7 if he could name it, he could lay claim to it, too Dm Am but after all the word was spoken Dm Am you sent him out into the open Bb Dm G all alone to make his broken promise whole again Am Dm eight nine ten eleven twelve Am Dm did you see how far he fell? Am Bb Dm G did you watch him covering his body in his shame? Em and wanting you near him Am though you couldn’t hear him Dm G he was falling down with your name in his mouth Am Dm a thousand thousand years pass through me Am Dm stoned on loneliness and movies Am Bb Am7 where people make their love in foreign tongues Am Dm every family locks their door Am Dm every man in uniform Am Bb Am7 reminds me of the body of my own one Dm Am i knew you before i met you Dm Am i’ve forgotten why i left you Bb Dm G all i wanna do is get back into your good grace Am Dm call you by your hundred names Am Dm till it makes you mine again Am Bb Dm G till i get my will back in this godforsaken place Em i want you near me Am i know you can’t hear me, now Dm G but i’m falling down with your name Em i want you near me Am i wish you could hear me, now Dm G while i’m falling down with your name in my mouth | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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