Anal Cunt – Youre A Cop tab

Band: Anal Cunt
Song: "You're A Cop"
Album: "I Like It When You Die"
Tabbed By: Nigel Krick

Note: I'm not putting the exact number of times you play a certian note, so just listen to the recording. It's really easy.

Tune to A, but B or Bb sounds good too.

/ - slide down
a - 11th fret

Riff 1(Intro, (Chorus)

Riff 2(Verses)
|--------------------||--------------------||--------------------| * Now pick slide or make noise|-5--------5------*--| with harmonics.|-5--------5---------||-3--------3---------|
And since Seth writes the best lyrics: Powdered sugar on your fingers, coffee on your shirt Bribes in your pocket, you never do any work You fat fucking slob you just sit in a car uUntil you get off work then it's back to the bar Chorus: You fucking pig-pig You're a fucking cop-cop(x4) You never catch any crooks but harass everyone else Your fat fingers don't fit the trigger you're too slow to catch a nigger You're a suburban cop because you're scared of the city You broke a stool at dunkin donuts because you're so fucking fat Chorus Repeat first verse Chorus
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