Anarbor - Love Instead Acoustic chords

Intro : ( C#m, G#m, F#) 

Verse : Same as Intro(Palm Muted)
C#m G#m F#I am weak to your temptation, oh
F#with imagination comes obligation
C#m G#m I love you to death, but to you
F# I am, well I love you to death
F#but to you, I'm already dead
(Intro chord prog without palm mute) I'm already dead I'm already dead (Pause) I'm a mess between my heart and head Chorus :
E B C#mI feel like I'm just floating away, yeah
Aoh God, I wish that I could stay
E B C#mIt's hard, I admit, but baby don't quit, yeah
AWe can make it, yeah, we can make it
C#m(Palm Muted) (2nd VERSE)
G#m F#And I am weak to your affection, babe
All I need is your attention I love you to death, but to you I am, well I love you to death but to you, I'm already dead I'm already dead I'm already dead I'm a mess between my heart and head (Back to Chorus) Rhythm for solo is the same as the chorus Solo :
E B Don't trouble your pretty little head
C#mThere's only room for love
AThere's only room for love instead
(Back to chorus) And that's pretty much it. :D Tabbed By, Cassandra
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