Anastacia – Paid My Dues chords

Capo 2

Intro: D A G A Bm

      I´ve been
DKnocked out It´s a crazy town
AEven got punched in the face in LA
G AAin´t nothing in the World that can keep me
Bmfrom what I wanna do
DCorse I´m too proud, I´m too strong
ALive by the code that I gotta move on
GFeelin´sad for yourself
A BmAin´t got nobody nowhere
DSo I held my head high
Aknew I´ll survive
GI made it
Adon´t hate it
BmThat´s just the way it goes
DI done made it through
Astand on my own too
G A BmI paid my dues
DTry to hold me down
Abut you can´t stop me now
G A BmI paid my dues
(same chords) Now I´m Still tested everyday People want to mess around with Anastacia Got another thing comin Corse I handle mine And I thought I better let you know I´m no Punk, I can´t get down I don´t give a damn about who´s around That was fine `til now Prechorus Chorus Bridge:
Bm ATook so long to get me here
GBut I won´t live in fear
AOh you´re trin`
Dt´ steal my shine
Bm AFirst they wanna build you up
GBut then they tear you down
A DIt´s a struggle, you try to bubble
Prechorus Chorus 2X
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