Anathema - Make It Right tab

                         From the Album JUDGEMENT
                    Copyright 1999 - MUSIC FOR NATIONS
                        Version 1.0 - AUGUST 1999

Transcribed by: Haris Durakovic

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..  - palm mute          /  - slide up to
 \  - slide down to      ~  - vibrato
 h  - hammer on          b  - bend
 p  - pull off            Suffixes for bend
                          ph - pinch harmonic
                           f - full bend    h - half bend
*  - see comment           r - release      t - tap bend
X  - percussion mute       ~ - vibrato bend
@  - slight palm mute     () - ghost note, sustained note

Tune Gtr to EADGBe - standard tuning

Riff 1a is almost played through the whole song except the end when you have to play riff 3
about which I am not sure if it is right!
When there is this kind of refrain (riff 2) you have to play that riff with the ending * 
three times and the fourth time you stop with the G chord!
At the beginning of this song you have to play "1." only at the beginning - then continue
with the "riff 1a".

Riff 11. 1a|---|------------------------------------------------------------------------||---|------------------------------------------------------------------------||---|--------------------------2------------------------0-----2--------------||---|---4-------4-----4-----2-----2h4---4-------4-----4---4\2---2h4----------||-2-|-2---2---2-----2-----2---2-------2---2---2-----2------------------------||---|-------0-----3-----3-------------------0-----3--------------------------|
Riff 2 *|-----------------|--------||-----------------|--------||-4---------------|-----9--||-4--------5------|-----9--||-2--------5------|-----7--||----------3------|-0-0-7--|
Riff 3|--------------------------||---2-------2--------------||-----2---2----------------||-4-----4---------4-2-0----||---------------2-------4--||-------------3------------|
Check Out Death Warp, With More Transcriptions On It:
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