Anathema - A Natural Disaster tab

Anathema - A Natural Disaster

Transcribed by Lord Reaper ( 02nd November 2004

Tuning: E (normal)


Part I: ~~~~~~~ G5 F#5 E5e|-------------------------------|B|-------------------------------|G|-------------------------------|D|--2-4-5-4-2--5---4---2---------|A|-------------5---4---2---------|E|-------------3---2---0---------|
Part II: ~~~~~~~~ C5 - B5e|-------------------------------|B|-------------------------------|G|-------------5---4---4---------|D|--2-4-5-4-2--5---4---4---------|A|-------------3---2---2---------|E|-----------------0-------------| You just slipped through my fingers
Chorus:~~~~~~~ C5 E5 B5e|-------------------------------|B|-------------------------------|G|--5-------4---4-2-2-0-0--------|D|--5---2---4-------------4------|A|--3---2---2--------------------|E|------0------------------------|
Here's the order it's played in: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Part I Part II Part I Chorus Part I Chorus The following chords are played: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ G5 F#5 E5 C5 E5 B5 Transcribed by Lord Reaper (
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