Anberlin – Blame Me Blame Me chords ver. 2

Left handed
Anberlin - Blame Me! Blame Me!

Note: A is a transition chord between G and Bm, and D from Bm to G - played very 
quickly right before the next chord.  D and A are optional in chorus

Intro: Bm, D, G, A

BmAnd we could ride all night
To the pace of the blinking light
D GWishing traffic was faster (traffic was faster)
Keeping safe distance, but courting disaster
A BmWe could dance all night
To the sounds of a starting fight
D GHoping change would come around (change would come around)
AAmazing division, how sweet the sound
BmBlame me! Blame me! Blame me!
DFor mistakes you've made but you can't own
GHate me, hate me, hate me
AFor every honest word that you've postponed
BmLeave me out of this
DYour life's a sinking ship, so
GBlame me, blame me, blame me
AFor mistakes you've made but you can't own
BmAnd we could stare all day
At problems that won't go away
D GSilence is pounding (silence is pounding)
You're wearing me down, these corners they're rounding
A BmThen we could scream all night
With no resolve still left in sight
D GStop saying you're sorry
AAll of these words feel so very empty
G ATorturing ourselves, we must be into the abuse
Bm If you're the rope that ties us together
APlease make me a noose
GAsk me to leave
Then beg me just to stay
AUsed to run to my arms, but now I walk away
BmCome and go as you please
I'm like a part-time lover with well-worn knees Well, come on Chorus Bm, D, G, A
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