Anberlin - A Date Late tab

Anberlin - Day late Friend
Tabbed by Nettie K

this song isn't very hard if you don't make it hard.  Listen to the song to get the
rhythms...  i use mostly downstrokes.  Since there was no tab yet for this awesome song,
i thought i'd throw something together...  so it's probably not that great but it'll give
you an idea...

F#m7 :		04420x
Cm7:		06640x
Esus2:		02200x
E:		02210x

(Verse 1)
F#m7, Cm7, Esus2, (short and chopped up)

(same chords as above but picked out as you'd wish)
F#m7 Esus2

We are who we were when
Could of been lovers
But at least your still my day late friend
Cm7     F#m7
We are who,
Cm7      F#m7             E
We are who we were when
Who knew what we knew now
Could of been more
But at least your still my day late friend
We are who,
We are who we were then

(Verse 2)
But thoughts may change
And times they rearrange
I don't know who you are anymore
But thoughts come and go
And this I know
I'm not who you recall anymore
But I must confess
Cm7                                            Esus2
You're so much more than I remember
Can't help but entertain this thought
Thoughts of us together
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