Anberlin - The Symphony Of Blas tab

		     (THE SYMPHONY OF) BLASÉ - Anberlin
Tabbed by:  Dyrusion

Tuning: Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, eb

Chords: C5 Am Fe|-3--0----|B|-3--1--1-|G|-5--2--2-|D|-5--2--3-|A|-3--0--3-|E|-3--0----|
IntroGuitar 1 (Bells)e|-7h8p7h8p7-------|B|-----------8-10--|G|-4h5p4h5p4-------|D|-----------5-7---|A|-----------------|E|-----------------|
Guitar 2e|-----------------|B|-----------------|G|-----------------|D|-------5-----5---|A|---3-------------|E|-3---3---3-3-----|
VerseGuitar 1e|-3-----3--------3-----|B|---3-----3--------3---|G|-----5-----5---5----5-|D|-------------5--------|A|----------------------|E|----------------------|
Verse: C5 Are there no shadows where you are? Am I see everything as day F Problems that you try to hide away Am Are pushing me aside (You're pushing me aside) C5 Could the winter calm come twice? Am Because your heart seems to cold tonight F Thirst for substance somehow isn't right Am It's killing me inside (Killing you inside) C5 Killing me inside Pre-Chorus: Am I don't want to be where you are F I don't want to be here even now Am I don't want to be by your side F If something isn't right C5 If something isn't right Chorus: C5 Am This is our last goodnight F Say what you will Say all that you can Am Words have no meaning F C5 When I've seen where you've been This is our last goodnight Say what you will Say all that you can This is our last goodbye This is where love ends Verse: Are you so naive to right and wrong How could you watch innocence forgone Does what we've done ever really belong? It wasted me away, I feel so wasted away God if you can hear me out alright Please take these feelings for her inside My chest hurts when I breathe tonight It's wasting me away, You're wasting me away You're wasting me away Pre-Chorus: I don't wanna be where you are I don't wanna be here even now I don't wanna be by your side If something isn't right If something isn't right
Bridge:Guitar 1e|-------3-------3-|B|-----------------|G|---5-------5-----|D|-5---5---5---5---|A|-----------------|E|-----------------|
C5 This is our last This is our last
Solo: e|-----------------|-----------------------|-------------------------3-|B|-----------------|-----------------------|-----------------------3---|G|-4h5p4-----------|-4h5p4-----------------|---------------2-5-2-5-----|D|-------5-7-----5-|-------5-7-----5-------|-------2-5-2-5-------------|A|-----------5-7---|-----------5-7---3/2\3-|-2-3-5---------------------|E|-----------------|-----------------------|---------------------------|
Chorus: This is our last goodnight Say what you will Say all that you can Words have no meaning When I've seen where you've been This our last goodnight Say what you will Say all that you can This is our goodbye This is where love ends
| / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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