Anchor And Braille – Empires chords

Hi! this is my first song hehehe! Empires of Anchor & Braille! The best!
[Leoo Espejo]
God Bless! :)

Intro: D Em C D

Verse 1:
D Em the bridge I build you seem to tear down
C you said you liked how it looks
D lying on the ground
D Em do you like it whem i'm poor, when I beg
C seems I take two steps forward
D Em C Dthen you break both my legs
G Em don't cry for me
Amdon't turn around
Dknow you've got other empires
to burn down G Em Am D Verse 2:, SAME CHORDS death strikes quick the needle she stings pain seems so fitting on these broken strings kingdom's built on love for myself lost in my ambitions now cast to the seas drowning in an ocean of tides where excess and pity seem to coincide don't cry for me don't turn around know you've got other empires to burn down ENJOY!! ;) [Leoo Espejo]
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