And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – Rest Will Follow tab

	The Rest Will Follow - And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
Tabbed by: chris green

Tuning:Standard eBGDAE 

Intro Intro changes slightly with more 7s follow drumming.e|---------------| e|------------------| B|-7-7-7-8-7-5---| B|-77777777-8-7-5---|G|---------------| G|------------------|D|---------------| D|------------------|A|---------------| A|------------------| E|---------------| E|------------------|
riff during versee|---------------| B|-23--23--23----| G|---------------| D|---------------| A|---------------|E|---------------|
Chords e|-10---7--------2---5------5-------------|B|-10---7--------2---5------5-------------|G|-11---7--------2---4------4-------------|D|-12---9--------4---7------5-------------|A|-12---9--------4---7------5-------------|E|-10---7--------2---5------3-------------|
D Bmin F#min A G D Bmin F#min A How can anyone be so unkind D Bmin F#min A As to want to take another's piece of mind? D Bmin F#min A Is acceptance so implausible? G A Well I know how the best will fall G A And the rest will follow. Intro Again D Bmin F#min A It's important to recognize D Bmin F#min A In this world we live there is nothing worth dying D Bmin F#min A It's enough to say "hello", we're all human G A But I know how the best will fall G A And the rest will follow G Bmin A G Bmin A Is it so easy to resign G Bmin A G Bmin A To ruin this world for everyone? G Bmin A G Bmin A I guess when it's all said and done G A It's just something in our design. D Bmin F#min A We are all of us so capable of D Bmin F#min A The greatest acts of hate and the worst acts of love I wonder sometimes what's the matter with us all G A And I know how the best will fall G A And the rest will follow... | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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