Andrea Bocelli – Time To Say Goodbye Con Te Partir chords ver. 2

Title: Time To Say Goodbye
Artist: Andrea Bocelli

C D EmWhen I am alone I sit and dream
D GAnd when I dream the words are missing
C D EmYes I know that in a room so full of light
D GThat all the light is missing
C D Em C DBut I don't see you with me, with me
G D EmClose up the windows, bring the sun to my room
C DThrough the door you've opened
D EmClose inside of me the light you see
C Dthat you met in the darkness
G D Em CTime to say goodbye
G D EmHorizons are never far
C GWould I have to find them alone
C Dwithout true light of my own with you
G D Em CI will go on ships on the seas
G D Emthat I now know
C GNo, they dont exist anymore
C DIt's time to say goodbye
When you were so far away I sit alone and dream of the horizon Then I know that you are here with me, with me Building bridges over land and sea Shine a blinding light for you and me To see, for us to be ivro.
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