Andrew Belle - All Those Pretty Lights tab

Hey all. I tabbed this using a video from youtube. Enjoy!

Capo 2nd Fret
*All chords relative to capo*

Intro- 2x (VERSE- verse riff 4x) the wind blows through your hair as you're walking people stare up the block and down the street to north kings highway and there's a beating in my chest and it's seeming to suggest that before this day is through it might go my way so i sit back in my seat i scribble down something that's sweet about a boy, a girl and endless stretch of scenery cause it's like falling to your knees before a stranger on the street i did it just the other day you should have seen me (Chorus- chorus riff 2x) oh and i wanna remember this night and how my words never came out right it's just my patience that keeps me alive just like all those pretty lights, just like all the pretty lights in the sky (Intro riff 1x) (Verse) there's something to be said about the colors in your head and how they mix to form the perfect shade of sadness not because of things i've done or any of the songs i've sung it's just the story of our lives we wish we had this (Chorus) (Verse chords 2x) (Bridge- Chorus chords 2x) and i remember we stayed up way past you're bedtime up on the 2nd floor down by my sliding door just innocent kids in a victimless crime trapped in a metaphor hoping for something more (Repeat Chorus 2x, then) in the sky just like all those pretty lights just like all the pretty lights in the sky in the sky just like all those pretty lights just like all the pretty lights in the sky (Intro chords 2x) That's it. Very simple, but a great song. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment. Thanks Ryan
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