Andrew Bird – Armchairs tab

Hey - here's the tab for Armchairs from Armchair Apocrypha.  The chord changes are
close but not completely lined up right (this kind of took forever).  Its a pretty
song and there are lots more licks and probably a few chord changes, but this should be 
at least.  Enjoy

Intro Part

(at 0:45)E|----0------0------0---------------|B|---------------------------0------|G|--------------------------0-------|D|-------------------------0--------|A|------------------------2---------|E|-1-----3------1------1h3----------|
(at 1:00)E|--------------------------------------|B|---------1-------1-------1-------1----|G|--------0-------0-------0-------0-----|D|-------2-------2-------2-------2------|A|2---3-------0-------2-------0---------|E|--------------------------------------|
C G C I dreamed you were a cosmonaut G of the space between our chairs C And I was a cartographer G of the tangles in your hair F I sang the song that silence sings F C It's the one that everybody knows, everybody knows The song that silence sings G And this is how it goes (2nd fill) C These looms that weave apocrypha G they're hanging from a strand C The dark and empty rooms were full G of incandescent hands F The awkward pause F The fatal flaw F Time, it's a crooked bow C Time is a crooked bow C In time you need to learn, to love G The ebb just like the flow D7 B5 Em Grab hold of your bootstraps, and pull like hell Am D until gravity feels sorry for you, and lets you go G C C/B As if you lack the proper chemicals to know, oh Am B5 F the way it felt the last time you let yourself fall this low C Time's a crooked bow F#/D7 Time's a crooked bow F G C Time, it's a crooked bow F G Fifty-five and three-eighths years later F G At the bottom of a gigantic crater F G An armchair calls to you F G Yeah, this armchair calls to you C It says, someday, we'll get back at them all G With epoxy and a pair of pliers C As ancient sea slugs begin to crawl G through the ragweed and barbed wire C You didn't write G You didn't call F G It didn't cross your mind at all C Through the waves G waves of hay and straw F G You couldn't feel a thing at all F Fifty-five and three-eighths G Time Fifty-five and three-eighths Time Time F to G repeats, end on F.
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