Andrew Bird – Simple X tab

Andrew Bird - Simple X

from the album 'Armchair Apocrypha'

Standard tuning, no capo.

The song is based around two chords:

G# A#me|--4--|--6--|B|--4--|--6--|G|--5--|--6--|D|--6--|--8--|A|--6--|--8--|E|--4--|--6--|
They run throughout the whole song, e.g., G# A#m Some people wake up on Sunday mornings G# A#m Barring maelstroms and red flare warnings G# A#m With no explosions and no surprises G# A#m Perform a series of exercises G# A#m Hold your fire G# A#m Take your place around an open fire etc.. The synth part (written by Martin Dosh) goes as follows.
I've put the bass notes in brackets as they should be left ringing, but that is all but when playing this solo on guitar. As with the chords this riff is played throughout the (with the exception of Dosh's little drum solo). There may be a slight change towards end ("So here we are at the end, the war is over...") but I'm not certain on that part. Enjoy!
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