Andrew Bird – Give It Away chords

I don't know if it's all 100% accurate, and some chords sound a little weird, but these are close.

G DDid you give it away
G D EmDid you give it away for free
D EmDon't you give it away
DLet's try to keep it in the family
Em GI know you know desolation
Em G D EmComing home with your pockets full of sand
GI know it's no vacation
Em G D CNow you're plowing your tiny patch of land
C D GIn a nation under your command
G DDid you give it away (Yeah I gave it away)
G D EmDid you give it away for free
Em DWhat would you have us pay?
D EmI didn't know that your love was a commodity
Em GWhat about appreciation
Em G D EmThat depends on your depth and density
Em GWhat about inflation
Em G D CYour charts and graphs don't mean a thing to me
C D GIn your nation with its worthless currency
G DWould you hide in the hay
G D EmWould you hide in the hay with me
Em DWon't you hide in the hay
Em DWhere it's dark and we can scarcely breathe or see
Em GAssured asphyxiation
Em G D EmWhere the foxes and field mice make their dens
Em GDeath by association
Em G D CI swore I'd never take anyone there again
CTo this nation
C D GA nation under your command
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