Andrew Bird - Tables And Chairs tab

			     Tables and Chairs - Andrew Bird
Tabbed by: rvaen

the glory of this song is not in the guitar, but in the singing along. beautiful, 
song. Of course, I recommend listening to the song to make sense of this tab. Nothing 
for listening to the artist.

Tuning: standard

riff 1 De|---------------2-----------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------3------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------2-------------------------------------------------------------------|D|--4--4--5--0---------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
riff 2 Em Ge|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-2-----------0-------------------------------------------------------------------|A|----2------2---------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------0-3------------------------------------------------------------------------|
riff 3 D G9 kinda. or Dsus/Ge|---2-----2--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---3-----3--------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---2-----0--------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-0-------0--------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------3----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
riff 4 D D A# A D D A# A De|---2-3-5---2-3-5-6-5-3-2-0-3-2-0-2-3-5-----0-2-3-2-0-----6-5------|B|---3-------3---------------------3-------3-----------3-2-----2-3--|G|-----------------------------------------2------------------------|D|-0-------0-----------------------0-----0--------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------|
Here are the two different progressions that occur after riff 4: D A# A D DM7 Bm Ge|-2---0--0---|-2---2---2---3------------------------------------------------------------|B|-3---3--2---|-3---2---3---0------------------------------------------------------------|G|-2---3--2---|-2---2---4---0------------------------------------------------------------|D|-0---3--2---|-0---0---4---0------------------------------------------------------------|A|-----0--0---|---------2---2------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------3------------------------------------------------------------|
NOTE: i am unsure of which type of DM7 and G he uses. it may just as easily be: D DM7 Bm Ge|-2--2---2--3---------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-3--3---3--3---------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-2--2---4--4---------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-0--0---4--5---------------------------------------------------------------------|A|----4---2--5---------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-----------3---------------------------------------------------------------------|
in this scenario, the DM7 is a tad trickier, but sounds better, i think. I wrote out the G as a bar chord because i can't tell from the recording which he uses, they both work equally well. | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note [1] if we can call them friends we can call them on red telephones [1] and they won't pretend that they're too busy or they're not alone [2] if we can call them friends we can call [2] holler at 'em down these hallowed halls [2] but we can't let the human factor fail to be a factor at all [3] don't don't you worry [3] about the atmosphere or any sudden pressure change [3] 'cause I know that it's starting [3] to get warm in here and things are [3] starting to get strange [3] and did you did you see how [3] all our friends were there drinkin' roses from the can [3] how how I wish I [3] I had talked to them and wished they [3] fit into my plan [riff 4] D A# A D and we were tired of being mild A# A oh so tired of being mild A# A we were so tired D DM7 I know we're gonna meet someday in the crumbled financial institutions of Bm G this land D there will be tables and chairs DM7 Bm pony rides and dancing bears G there'll even be a band D DM7 'cause listen after the fall there'll be no more countries Bm G no currencies at all D we're gonna live on our wits DM7 throw away survival kits Bm G trade butterfly knives for adderal D and that's not all DM7 woah! Bm G there will be snacks, there will D DM7 Bm G there will be snacks! [riff 4] D A# A D and we were tired of being mild A# A oh so tired of being mild A# A we were so tired D DM7 So don't you Bm don't you worry G about the atmosphere ===============================================================================
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