Andrew Bird – Banking On A Myth tab

Okay this is for the live Fingerlings version of Banking on a Myth with Nora O'Connor 
the main guitar parts.  Only the guitar is tabbed here.

I really love this version of the song and it's the only one with a distinct guitar part 
here it is.

Album - Fingerlings 2
Artist - Andrew Bird Feat Nora O'Connor
Tuning - Standard

This is played fingerstyle.

Gtr I (E A D G B E) - 'Untitled'

Intro Q.=84 6/8 Gtr I H E E E +E +E e E E E E E e E E E +E +E e E E E E E e E E|----------|-----------------|-------------|-----------------|-------------||----------|-----------0-----|-------0-----|-----------0-----|-------0-----||----------|-----------0-----|-------0-----|-----------0-----|-------0-----||--------0-|-2-(2)-(2)-----0-|-2---0-----0-|-2-(2)-(2)-----0-|-2---0-----0-||------2---|-------------2---|---2-----2---|-------------2---|---2-----2---||----------|-----------------|-------------|-----------------|-------------|
E +E +E e E E E E E e E E E +E +E e E E E E E +E E E|-----------------|-------------|-----------------|----------------||-----------0-----|-------0-----|-----------0-----|----------------||-----------0-----|-------0-----|-----------0-----|----------------||-2-(2)-(2)-----0-|-2---0-----0-|-2-(2)-(2)-----0-|-2---0-(0)---0--||-------------2---|---2-----2---|-------------2---|---2-------2----||-----------------|-------------|-----------------|----------------|
Verse 6/8 Gtr I E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E||--------------|-------------|-------------|------------|||o-----0-----0-|-----0-----0-|-----0-3-----|-2-----0----|||----0-----0---|---0-----0---|---0-----0---|---0-----0--|||--2-----2-----|-2-----2-----|-2---------2-|-----2-----2|||o-------------|-------------|-------------|------------|||--------------|-------------|-------------|------------|
E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E|-------------|-------------|-------------|---------------|||-----2-----2-|-----2-----0-|-----0-----0-|-----0-----0--o|||---3-----3---|---3-----3---|---2-----2---|---2-----2-----|||-4-----4-----|-4-----4-----|-1-----1-----|-1-----1-------|||-------------|-------------|-------------|--------------o|||-------------|-------------|-------------|---------------||
The other song parts are just chords, played pretty freely in relation to the music. other parts are played by Bird on his violin. The chordal parts are much the same as the studio version. Chorus For the first two lines of the chorus, chords are strummed for two measure ie 12 times. G B7 So we're taking all our myths to the G B7 bank, just don't forget who to **** For the next two they are strummed for one measure each. 6 times. G B7 thank cause we're taking all our myths to the Em A Drinking a fifth to the G F Em Taking all our myths to the bank **** For the last line, it's just one chord left to ring. B7 Oh no. The intro is repeated next along with the verse then a chorus. For the bridge only Bird on his violin until this part. G B7 And when his master plan is unfurled C A G There stands a handsome bid on the weather systems of the world That final G is repeated until near the end of the song at a constant pace. This should be pretty spot on, hope the chord layout wasn't too confusing.
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