Andrew Bird – Tin Foil Live tab

This is a cover Andrew did of a Handsome Family song for his first Fingerlings album.

It's probably never been played the same since but it's the only official recorded version.

Album - Fingerlings
Artist - Andrew Bird
Tuning - Standard


e|-----0-0-----0-0----0-0-----0-0--|B|-----1-1-----1-1----1-1-----1-1--|G|----------0---------0-0-----0-0--| X2D|------------------2------0-------|A|--3------------------------------|E|---------------------------------|
Verse C F C Late New Year's Eve, paper hat on your head Am F C It was hard to believe that you'd ever be dead F C And that dream that you're falling you've had since you were five Am F C It's a bird on your shoulder that whispers goodbye G6 (leading into chorus) Chorus Am E What is moving will be still F C What has gathered will disperse Am E What has been built up will collapse F All of your dreams C G6 All fulfilled Interlude Bird whistles over this progression following the same pattern. The second verse and chorus are identical to the first, whilst the third verse swaps pattern for single chords. One little bit, just before the second verse goes like this.
Then as before
Before hitting the second verse. Good luck!
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