Andrew Garcia - Straight Up chords

Capo usually on 9 but use it on 7 if you have a lower voice

Em CLost in a dream
Am B7I don't know which way to go
Em CIf you are all that you seem
Am B7Then, baby, I'm movin' way too slow
EmI've been fooled before
CWouldn't like to get my love
AmCaught in the slammin' door
B7How about some information, please?
EmStraight up, now tell me
AmDo you really wanna love me forever
Oh, oh, oh
C B7Or am I caught in a hit-and-run?
EmStraight up, now tell me
AmIs it gonna be you and me together
Oh, oh, oh
C B7Or are you just havin' fun?
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