Bang Bang Bang chords with lyrics by Andrew Jackson Jihad - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Andrew Jackson Jihad – Bang Bang Bang chords

This is the song Bang! Bang! Bang! by Andrew Jackson Jihad. It was recorded during 
the KXLU recordings (January '07) and can be downloaded on his website's music 
section by clicking the Home Style (Recordings) album. Not too hard to play, and 
one of my definite favorites.

Am C Fm G D Ee|--------------------2-----|B|-1-----1----1---1---3-----|G|-2-----2----2---2---2---1-|D|-2----------3-----------2-|A|-------3--------3-------2-|E|--------------------------|
Fill 1e|-3-1-0-|
Fill 2e|-3-1-3-1-|
Am C D G Am (fill1) C (fill2) D G
Am Fm You're helpless and hopeless
D GYou want to help out the homeless
Am Fm D GBut you've got problems
Am Fm You're selfish and worthless
D GAnd you have no fucking purpose
Am Fm D GYou're a cancer causing, cancer having slob
D G C E Am(fill1) D G CWhoa-oa, Who-oa-oa-oa, Whoa-oa-oa
Am FmThere are morals that conflict with orals
D GThat conflict with anals, that believe in angels
Am Fm D GAngels are hating on you
Am FmGood is the absence of evil
D GAnd evil is the absence of good
Am Fm D GThere is an axis of evil rolling into this neighborhood
D G C E Am(fill1) With the sound of gun shots, Bang! Bang! Bang!
D G C AmWhoa-oa, Whoa, Whoa
D G C E Am(fill1) D G CWhoa-oa, Who-oa-oa-oa, Whoa-oa-oa
Am FmIt was then that I found I am vampire
C EI have fangs fucking 15 inches long
Am Fm And the sanguinary sweetness of stealing someones blood
C EFeels so good I am compelled to sing this song
Am FmAt night when I retire to my coffin
C ETo sleep for a hundred years or more
Am FmAll you people that I know will have died long ago
C Eand your children will have died 10 years before
D G C E AmWhoa-oa, Who-oa-oa-oa
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