Andrew Jackson Jihad - Another Beer chords

dont know all my chords so this chord B* is (200033)

intro: G B* Em C D x3

G B* EmDrink another beer my darling
C DYou're drinking for two
G B* EmWhen Skyler got out of prison
C DI was worried about you
G B* EmHe can be a mean motherfucker
C DYou know it's true
G B* EmHe got out of prison with parole
C DAnd a swastika tattoo
AmNow I am worried for you
Cand the well-being of your baby, too
reapeat intro
G B* EmSo the baby's gonna have a daddy
C DWell, that's wonderful news
G B* EmHe won't be the greatest parent
C DBut neither will you
G B* EmGotta get out while you can
C DOtherwise you're screwed
G B* EmYour legs are broken and
C Dyour eyes are black and blue
AmNow I am worried for you
C and the well-being of your family, too
play intro same as outro
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