Andrew Jackson Jihad – Let Us Get Murdered chords

Hello! This is my first tab, so I hope all goes will with formatting or whatever. This 
song is simple in theory, but it's fast. Enjoy!

Am D G x2
Am D G B Em
Am D G

G AmYou've been singing songs for all the wrong reasons.
D EmFor reasons you're not at liberty to say.
G AmIt wasn't to get rich or famous or get laid.
D EmMainly you wrote those fucking songs to drive me away.
(Intro) Verse:
G AmAnd when you go to bed at night you're a skeleton.
D EmWith visions in your head too big to see.
G AmAnd the insides of your mouth inflate and try to suffocate you.
D EmIts hard, its hard, its hard to fall asleep.
(Intro) Verse:
G AmAnd you've been looking for an honest way out for too long,
D Embecause suicide is not the key.
G AmAnd you hate the taste of alcohol and medicine.
D EmWell the answer, the answer, the answer is plain to see.
Chorus: (Same as Intro)
Am D GSo come along,
Am D Glet's get murdered!
Am D G B EmLet's go to sleep and never wake up!
Am D GLet's find a loophole out of this!
Repeat Chorus
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