Andrew Jackson Jihad - People Ii 2 Still Peoplin chords

AJJ - "People II 2: Still Peoplin'?"

C G F Am F C G G
C G F Am F C G G C

C G F AmIf you've been kicked in or abused or mistreated or misused.
F C GYou were told there was nowhere to go but up for you.
C GIf you've been hurt or you've been betrayed.
F AmIf you've been fucked or you've been displaced.
F C GThen you were told it's probably been your fault anyway.
Dm GBut your Hustler subscription or your Xanax prescription
C Em AmMake you feel lonelier instead.
Dm GYou don't want to hear about all the starving children.
C Em AmYou don't want to be told it's all in your head.
Dm G CCus if it's all in your head, that's terrible.
I saw a junkie laying in a puddle of his own blood last week, I saw a cyclist get hit by a car. I saw a homeless guy chug a bottle of mouthwash on Christmas eve. No, you can never fall to far.
Dm GYou can by a Salad Glove and you can by an iPod.
C Em And you can sell that shit to Bookmans
Am EmWhen your wife dies and you lose your job.
Dm GYou can hope it gets better and you can follow your dreams
C Em But hope is for presidents and
Am Em Dm G CDreams are for people who are sleeping.
C G F Am F C G G C G F Am F C G G C My friend Erin says it best, "we're all two or three bad decisions away From becoming the ones we fear and pity" And Tony says it's important to bear some witness when you can And that's not hard to do in the city that I live in.
Dm (1x)You don't have it any better
G (1x)And you don't have it any worse.
C (6x) Em (6x)You're an irreplaceable human soul
Am (6x) With your own understanding of
Em (6x) Dm (1x) G (1x)What it means to suffer.
And that's a hu-u-u-u-uge
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