Andrew Jackson Jihad - Deep Dark Basement chords


From this video:
Favorite AJJ song, not too hard to tab out.
This is also my first tab, but I think it's right.

Chords used:
Am X02210
G 320003
C X32010
F X33211
Em 022000
Am7 X02213
G* 320010
G** X55433

Intro: Am, G, C, F

Am G C FI recall that deep dark basement
Am G C FAnd I recall how bad it smelled
Am G C FAnd I hated everyone around me
Am G C FI even hated myself
EmWhich I still do
Em Am Am7 C G*On my bad days
F (e|3/5-5/8-8-\3) Am Am7 C G* F (e|3/5-5/8-8-\3)
Am G C FYou punched my mother in the mouth
Am G C FWe fled to shelter safe and pure
Am G C FBut now I never feel at home
Am G C FAnd I will never be secure
F G**Oh to be secure
Am Am7 C G* F (e|3/5-5/8-8-\3) Am Am7 C G* F (e|3/5-5/8-8-\3)
|Am G C F | |Ah ha ha ha| X 4
Am G C FAnd when you pushed my face in shit
Am G C FHow could that have made you feel
Am G C FLike a man or like a monster
Am G C FItís your fault that I canít tell
G**The difference
|Am Am7 C G* || | X 3
|F e|3/5-5/8-8-\3| Am Am7 C G* F
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